Thommy Price Sex, Drums and Rock n Roll 2005  
Joan Jett Naked (import) 2004
  Jett Rock (import) 2003
  Unfinished Business Fan Club CD 2001
  Fetish 1999
  Fit To Be Tied 1997
  Great Hits (import) 1996
  1979 CD Fan Club CD 1995
  Cherry Bomb Fan Club CD 1995
  Pure &Simple 1994
  Do You Wanna Touch Me (import) 1993
  Flashback 1993
  Notorious 1991
  Hit List 1990
  Up Your Alley 1988
  Good Music 1986
  Light of Day 1986
Price/Sulton Lights On 1987
Billy Idol Rebel Yell 1985
  Rebel Yell (Extended Version) 1985
Scandal Warrior 1985
Mink De Ville Coup De Grace 1978
  Mink De Ville 1978
  Love and Emotion 1978
Flame Flame 1976

No Apologies


Dr. Chudd X- Ward 2004
Enrique Iglesias Not in Love 2004
Ronnie Spector Unfinished Business 2004
  Siren 1983
Eye Talk Phoenix 2002
Bif Naked Purged (Enhanced CD) 2002
  Purged 2002
Patty Smyth Wish I were you 2002
D.L.Byron Exploding Plastic Inevitable 2001
  This Day and Age 1983
  ITZ 2004
John Waite Rovers Return 2001
The Waterboys Dream Harder 1993
Frank Wright Frank Wright Trio 1993
Spread Eagle Open to the Public 1993
Roger Daltry Rock's in the head 1992
Etienne Daho Paris Allures 1992
Cycle Sluts from Hell Cycle Sluts from Hell 1990
Steve Stevens Atomic Playboys 1988
Michael Monroe Not Fakin It 1988
David Drew Safety Love 1988
Debbie Harry Def, Dumb and Blond 1987
Blue Oyster Cult Imaginos 1985
  Club Ninja 1986
Ron Wood Wild Life 1986
Rick Ocasek This Side of Paradise 1986
The Lover Speaks   1986
Simon F.   1986
The Psychedelic Furs Mirror Moves 1985
Tom Verlaine Words from the front 1983
Helen Schneider Schneider and the Kick 1981

Somewhere in there he even had time to record his own album with childhood friend and music partner Kasim Sulton. The band Price-Sulton, released a full-length album on CBS Records called Lights On. Price-Sulton also had a song featured in a movie starring Susanna Hoffs called The All-Nighter. This project was the first time Thommy stepped up to the front of the stage, playing guitar and singing his original songs. The only thing difficult about the move? “I had to find another drummer that sort of played like me."
For more than 18 years now, Thommy Price has been a Blackheart. “In the beginning I was just playing on Joan’s records, but I wasn’t really in the band. Kenny Laguna would call me all the time and say ‘Are you ready yet?’ At the time I was in Mink DeVille and touring all over Europe for months at a time. What really sold me on being a Blackheart was a show I saw them do at Radio City one year. It was unbelievable. I watched the whole show from the sound desk, so I was able to see the whole stage. It reminded me of seeing The Who. It didn’t just sound great, it was like seeing a really great play or choreographed dance. Whether or not they planned it, the band was moving together and flowing perfectly. It was a perfect show. It was beautiful to watch. I left Radio City that night saying THAT’S the band I need to be in. It was a gang… a perfect rock and roll gang.”
Now he has his own band going again for the first time in years. Thommy Price’s Sex Drums & Rock’n’Roll is currently doing gigs in rock clubs around New York City (during his time off from “the gang”). He recently finished recording a five song CD which will be released soon, and a couple of his songs made their way to the soundtrack of the film featuring Joan Jett, called The Sweet Life to be released this spring.